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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are not intended to provide advice or guidance to uniquely specific issues or circumstances. They are also not an exhaustive resource for all things about your timeshare lodge. Although we try our best to provide information and help to owners in any way we can, if there is a specific concern then you should contact the timeshare sales office.  We update FAQs as often as necessary, but please note that all information is subject to change without notice.

COVID-19 FAQ's (updated 7th January 2021)

Following Cumbria’s move into Tier 4 and the subsequent announcement by the UK government of a third lockdown in England both the hotel and timeshare operations at Langdale were closed on Thursday 31st December 2020.

The team at Langdale have been receiving many enquires relating to this closure and the two earlier ones in the spring and autumn of 2020, particularly regarding Management Fees due for the period during which owners are unable to access their timeshare. We hope the following will be helpful in addressing these queries.

Please note that the staff at Langdale do not have any say or discretion as to Management Fee policy so they may not be able to do more than pass on your query if you contact them.

Unfortunately there have been some recent cases where owners have been quite unreasonable and aggressive when contacting Langdale staff about fees. It goes without saying that such behaviour is unacceptable, whatever the circumstances, and the Committee of the Langdale Owners’ Club will not tolerate abuse of any sort.

General FAQ's

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