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Don't forget to bring your Privilege Card with you when you visit the Lake District for your exclusive discounts.

See below what saving are available on The Langdale Estate with your Privilege Card.

The benefits of your Privilege Card don’t stop when you leaveThe Estate  … we’ve arranged a number of exclusive offers and packages at some of our local suppliers, attractions, activity providers, museums, cafes and more.

Below are some of the most recent offers.

Privilege Card Terms & Conditions


“the Company” means Langdale Leisure Limited.

“the Owner” means the registered owner of a timeshare lodge week(s) at the Langdale Estate.

“the Privilege Card” means the Privilege Card to which owners become entitled by virtue of their ownership of a timeshare lodge week(s) at the Langdale Estate.


  1. The Privilege Card is valid for the duration of the Privilege Card Scheme and will continue until such time as three months’ written notice is given of the cessation of the Scheme.
  2. Privilege Cards will be automatically re-validated every 12 months by the Sales Office.
  3. Upon an owner ceasing to be an owner due to sale of their timeshare lodge week or cancellation of their membership of the Langdale Owners’ Club, the Privilege Card must be returned, and in any event will be invalidated at that time.



  1. Entitlement to the discounts available is for owners named on the Holiday Certificate. Each owner will only be entitled to two Privilege Cards, regardless of the number of weeks of ownership held. Ownership of multiple weeks registered in the same name will not entitle the said owner to multiple Privilege Cards. Where there are more than two owners named on the Holiday Certificate, additional cards will be provided upon request, appropriate to the number of owners.
  2. Only owners named on the Holiday Certificate will be able to use the Privilege Card to apply the discounts available, and those discounts are not transferable in any circumstances.
  3. Owners can apply for additional cards for use by family or their guests during their week of occupation, by contacting the Sales Office prior to arrival at the Estate. Rented properties will not be eligible for cards during the rental period.


Conditions for Use

  1. Owners must produce the Privilege Card to obtain the relevant discount. Failure to produce the Privilege Card at the point of each individual purchase will lead to full charges being applied; discounts are not retrospective in any circumstances. We cannot apply discounts retrospectively upon presentation of an invoice at check out.
  2. Discounts will be available on nominated facilities and services of Langdale Leisure Limited, and will not be available on Management Fee invoices and utilities charges.
  3. Discounts on food and beverage apply to standard published menus only, including events, conferences, functions and weddings. Food and beverage offers via third party media offers, website or other tactical offers are excluded.
  4. Discounts will be available for accommodation at published Best Available Rate (bed & breakfast) on the Langdale Website and cannot be applied to any rates quoted in conjunction with third party websites, media offers or other discounted offers.
  5. Discounts will be available for purchases made, not only via cash or credit card, but also those charged to account, subject to all other terms and conditions applying.
  6. The Privilege Card is only valid for facilities and services at the Langdale Estate.
  7. All facilities and services are subject to availability; possession of a Privilege Card will not guarantee availability.
  8. Owners are responsible for reporting the loss of any Privilege Card to the Sales Office as soon as is reasonable, and it will be automatically cancelled upon such notification. Replacement cards can be obtained from the Sales Office and will incur a £10 administration charge.
  9. New owners will be issued with two cards on completion of their purchase.
  10. Discounts may be changed at any time. They will be published on the Owners’ Website and be available from the Sales Office.



  1. The Company reserves the right to withdraw the Privilege Card and its discounts if the owner abuses the scheme, other customers or staff, or makes a false application. The Privilege Card will automatically become invalid if tampered with in any way.
  2. The Company reserves the right to amend or cancel any or all of the terms and conditions of the Privilege Card Scheme at any time without prior notice, subject to Clause 1 herein.
  3. Administration of this Privilege Card Scheme is computerised and therefore registered with the Data Protection Registrar in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984 and 1998.


For further information, please contact the Sales Office on 015394 38014.

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